Tai Chi and Chi Kong

What is Tai Chi?
It is an ancient martial technique, old as 350 years, practised in present days as a dynamic meditation, gaining a healthier and longer life. One learns how to remain in the present, flow with your body and integrate oneself with the flow of the group, thus, belonging to something superior. It helps delivering the energy gathered, mainly by Chi Kong, al around your body.

What is Chi Kong?
To cultivate energy, developed for over 2500 years. Focusing in different energy centres, meridians, breathings and movements, we will achieve a longer and healthier life, full of well being, fisical, emotional and spiritually.

What school of Tai Chi do we practise?
After 18 years practising in different schools, we have integrated the seriousness of Yan Family, with the strong determination and wish to let go, of Chen Family, in its most modern wing, Hun Yuan, where I keep on learning. This practise includes the use of hands (Tai Chi Huan), in its 24, 36 and 48 forms, sword, stick and fan, thanks to which one comes to understand the movement of energy beyond our physical boundaries, breaks our rigidity and shows out clearly our leaks.

I wish to thank publicly master Alain Baudet, from whom I have so much learnt as a student and interpreter, professionally and personally.

Some of our practises are: “Five Animals Technique from Hua To”, Meridians Stretching, Ba Dua Yin, Diamond Bone Breathing, Protecting Bell, Chi Kong with short sticks, Tai Li Kung, massage, and other millenary techniques widely recognised.

Differing to most schools in Spain, our approach to this discipline is not so much the accumulation of choreographs, but the Taoist work, regarding meditation and philosophy, aiming reconciliation with oneself and spiritual connexion.

What for and for whom?
These practises are profoundly therapeutic and respectful with the body. Thus, one can practise regardless age o physical limitations. That, we can witness in Chinese gardens, where also the elderly do their exercises every day. It has being recognised by different studies of American and Chinese Universities a powerful effect on health: reduces the level of stress, anxiety, depressions, insomnia, brouxism, obsessions, brings peace, stimulates Circulatory System, relaxes tensions in muscles and acts on the energy of 5 elements, organs, meridians and energy centres.