Mindful Leadership: Workshops for businesses

Weekend Workshops

* due to the amount of work my web site is out of date, but google and youtube have many records of my path In English. See for instance:

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Here and Now: stop to obsession and stress:
We practise different techniques aiming to detect and control thoughts, relaxation, static and dynamic meditation, expressive movement. We search for contact with present, in and out of oneself. We approach nature and the group, in a residential workshop, out of Madrid, at Piedralaves, Gredos. We gain clear thoughts, perspective, fight insomnia and get a restoring rest, thus increasing Vitality and personal self fulfilment.

Self-esteem and Determination:
Two options, working in Madrid periodically, or a stay in Gredos working both body and mind. First opening ones body to self awareness of strength and wishes, in order to make a step in the right direction. Chi kong, marches, expressive movement, opening first, second and third chakra above all. Secondly, we apply Psychotherapy to unfold false personality, “the lacker”, “the poor me”, and finding the real inner referee for self-esteem. Such esteem should not be based on the image of success, which could lead us to narcissism when up, or into depression, when down.

Dreams and Cells Memories:
Weekend stay at Gredos. The dynamic entails first  working with smooth movements, awakening the memory of tissues (stretching, Dyamond Bone Breathing Chi kong, Meditation)  and  then Gestalt Psychotherapy in order to work on dreams, and their existential meaning for the very person.

Five Animals Chi Kong:
According to ancient Chi Kong from Hua To, distilled by modern psychotherapy, we gain, enhance or recover,  the power belonging to every archetype related to the five animals.

Work delivered in Spain and abroad, in different forms, from a 4 days stay to very little workshops of only a few hours. By combining different movements, the team gets to deepen into the energy and personality of everyone of the 5 animals: tiger, snake, bear, crane and monkey. These archetypes go further than physics into the very power of the animal. For instance, the Bear provides a lot of “earth”, meaning, being well enrooted, able to face no matter what fear; strong and determined. The tiger would help the team to release some of the hidden anger within. Which, by the way, is related to sadness and therefore, to lack of joy and vital energy.  Working with anger and rage is absolutely necessary to feel clean and devote oneself to other higher targets.

The monkey, which provides a lot of laugh, and gets rid of old fears installed in the kidneys, which undermines vital and mental energy. It also helps to socialize, touch and be touched, out of so many constraints we usually have. The crane maybe the easiest archetype to cool down, and “look far” towards the real target in mind. Very efficient animal to recall, but too gloomy and cold if excessive, provides in any case, with a relaxation many will appreciate for sure. Finally the snake, the most spiritual animal, related to the energy of the summer, powerful heart without excitement, it helps opening ones heart, without being dragged by passion.

To sum up, by doing theses exercises, one puts aside his personality, in order to gain the strength and savoir faire typical from every animal. In the end, we feel more free and powerful, with new movements, that will certainly take us further and happier in life.

Workshop on Creativity and Movement:
Either on a regular basis, or during a weekend, we can work on creativity and movement in order to have a free expression of our being, getting a true portrait of our selves, where we are, with perspective, where do we want to go. Techniques from Gestalt, Taoism, Zen, Expressive Movement, resulting in sculptures, paintings, gardening, movements and so on, will enhance our well being and self-awareness.

Workshop on Art and Body Coaching:
Work co-directed mainly in Companies both in Spain and abroad, using Acrilic paintings and Body Coaching, in group and individuals. Ideal for team working, enhancing the sense of belonging to something superior to ones ego.

Workshop on dealing with anger and contained rage:
A week end in Gredos, where to practise outdoors some exercises belonging to Chi Kong, Martial Arts, including long and short stick, and Expressive Movement. Later, we will revise indoors with psychotherapy, how to deepen into the emotion, giving it just as much room as it needs, understanding it, and preventing collateral effects regarding rage, such as denial, introverted or deflected agressions, and its fatal consequences, to us, and the rest of the people.

Workshop on how to relax and enjoy:
Week end in Gredos, where we practise different techniques aiming to relax an enjoy, recovering the will to live, rest, feed us from the present moment and circumstances. Walking around the mountain, selected cuisine, massages, etc.

 Workshop on the Bell-Shield:
Based on an ancient Chinese Chi Kong, we will move our body transforming inner energy into outer energy, Wei Chi, in order to protect us from damaging surroundings, or simply, strengthening us in order to face a special date or period of our life, where we think we may need some extra strength within oneself 

Workshop on Tai Chi and Chi Kong:
Either on a regular basis, weekly classes, or a weekend away, we practise different “forms”, belonging to Yan and Chen Hun Yuan family. Short and Long stick, fan, Soong relaxation, Tai Li Koong to gain energy. Circulatory massage and opening ones meridians.

Workshop on the Dragon Fénix:
Special Chi Kong workshop focused on sexual energy, in order to gain vitality and mental clarity, gathering energy in all organs, but mainly the heart, taking ones sexual energy energy to the heart. Massage, relaxation and careful landing after a powerful weekend.

Workshop with the 5 element Chi Kong: Earth:
Workshop in Gredos, working the “Bear” archetype, sense of belonging, determination, self-esteem, fortress. Preparing oneself for higher goals. Both individual and group work.

Silence Retretat:
Weekend in Gredos, where to cohabit in silence, reducing the level of inner and outer noise, achieving a sensation of peace, different, serene. Static and dynamic meditation, contacting with nature, with oneself, with the other, noiseless. Conscious nourishing, eating in silence, quality tasting of high quality vegetarian cuisine.