Expressive Movement. Rio Abierto System.

The classes of Expressive Movement, Rio Abierto System, are a place where you can dance, express, and have an encounter with yourself and with the other, enjoying and getting to know yourself. This bodywork has its oldest root in the Indian Knowledge of Chakras, related to different ways of moving. Every part of your body corresponds to a Chakra, which, stimulated threw movement, music and the intention, will result in a profound Transformation within us.

Lets go down to the specific: the actual session. It may seem easy, one starts following the “facilitator”, copying the movements, later we imitate thus of a classmate, according to different patterns and music chosen by the teacher. At a certain moment, one gets in touch with inner needs of movement and follows them somehow, anyhow, free. The River opened and the gates let go life throughout ones body, which was before blocked by stress, daily or old traumas. Or even older, the cristalization of personality in the body, which turned us into replicant machines, specialized in certain movements and attitudes towards life: Appolinium, Dioniseus, Guilty, Proud, etc.

Expressive Movement: For whom and for what?
Anybody willing to expand, set his or her energy, and improve his movement in life, may approach this practise, adaptable by the very person, and his or her limits, customizing it. Given that no machine intervenes in the execution, it is to the very person to judge to what extent he or she wishes to go, or with how much intensity, or eventually to stop and to start again. In an much more psychological sense, the work has a universal reach, specially indicated for people willing to open to sensations, to be in contact with themselves, and with the rest of the people. It does certainly help to express and interiorize, as in a therapy, without calling it a therapy.

Expressive Movement helps us recovering movements we lost early in our lives, when the formation of our mechanical personality. And gives as back the felling that we are more free and plenty, in a more pleasant and light way.

Out of my personal experience, along almost 20 years, I can say that there are many ways for working oneself through body, all reaching the same point, but it is in this discipline, that I have found a truly respectful work with Ego, taking it by the hand, providing it a space where it can express, be, and share with other egos, where altogether transcend and make a beautiful iridescence of virtues, plenty of colours, lights and creative harmony, that is really worth to live and witness.

The essence of Expressive Movement.

Realeasing the 7 Chakras

1 st Chakra – Root, physical and psychological fortress.

2 nd Chakra – Lumbar-sacrum, for joy and vitality.

3 rd Chakra – Solar Plexus self esteem and digestion of vital processes.

4 th Chakra – Heart, Emotions and courage.

5 th Chakra – Throat, realeasing expression and developing a healthy and effective control.

6 th Chakra – Third eye, intuition and creativity.

7 th Chakra – Crown, alignment of all centres with heaven.

Taking off ones mask: it is a therapeutic work with body polarities, interpreting characters, or even imitating somebody else. One goes along by his own mask in order to play other roles, more convenient to break ones false personality, recovering lost movements from the programming of ones personality.