Workshops in short format, two to four hours

This workshops take place in Madrid and have a short format of two to four hours.

Group Gestalt Therapy,
Monthly, two hours encounter where to express, support and confront, growing all together in a group of 5 to ten people. Tools: Gestalt Dynamics, Body work, music, movement, etc.

Masculinity Group.
Men gathering to work themselves in a 100% men context, where there is no competence for women attention, but respect and listening from your equals in genre. Two hours a month frequency.

Introducing Gestalt Therapy.
4 Saturday mornings devoted to introducing some of most usual dynamics in Gestalt therapy, such as Listening innerly and outerly, polarities, dreams and mechanisms.

Introducing meditation techniques.
4 Saturday mornings devoted to introducing, going through some kinds of meditation, from dynamic to static, Expressive Movement, Chi Kong, Zen.