Who is Jorge Urrea?

Son of a creative Psychologist and an engineer who would enjoy sunsets, arts, and reading Tao Te Ching, I grew up amidst  Olive trees, artists and intellectuals, in Madrid. After a great ordeal, suffering because of lack of motivation, to get my 5 year degree in Economics between Madrid, Paris and London, I came back to Spain, and studied for long years to be a diplomat. Full of knowledge, but empty of joy and vitality, I reached both a physical and psychological crisis, that lead me into therapy first, and then, the qualification to be a Gestalt psychotherapist myself. I left tried jobs in the meantime, looking for my place in the world and going along various experiences such as Foreign Affairs Ministry, several Embassies, Cultural Foundations and NGOs, until I decided to break my white collar and devote my life to self knowledge and understanding – mine and that of the others – with great pleasure and  success. My multicultural background allows me to develop my work fluently in both English and French, and to some extent in Italian, maintaining my old interest for international environments.

For the last 17 years I have interpreted the work of self knowledge under the optics of Taoism, adding gradually Gestalt Psychotherapy, Integrative Psychology, Zen and Expressive Movement, among others disciplines.

Nowadays I work in Spain and abroad, sharing my life with my son and daughter, wife, family and friends, creating, growing and enjoying, as much as I can.