Body Mind and Soul Coaching

Given my personal and professional experience in companies and my qualification in personal and professional guidance through the body, I have developed this revolutionary concept of both professional and life coaching.

What is a coach? It is like a trainer, but in this field, has a further extent, somehow deepening around the zen master, who teaches without teaching, and the professional tutor. The client learns from the hands of the coach about his own weaknesses and strengths and how to make the most out of his capacities, with the least effort. Thus he can develop a sustainable career, preventing the so called burn out effect, where exhausted, he can no longer produce and suffers a professional and personal collapse. The client, together with his coach, sets short and mid term targets, and his trainer helps him by reviewing such targets in every session they meet.

Why body coaching? Because professional work has already made ones mind quite sick of reasoning, and even when one realises something he does not turn it into practise thereafter. By working with the body, the coachee gains a revealing insight, integrated in his different “minds” (centres of energy) that can help him to redirect his steps in a few sessions, successfully in both his body and mind.